MARKOS Trading provides production using the following technologies:

  • Sheet metal working, CNC laser cutting, CNC cutting, CNC edging and bending
  • Pipe section forming using CNC bending machine (3D)
  • Welding (MIG, MAG, TIG)
  • CNC working such as turning, milling (vertical and horizontal), drilling, grinding (both cylindrical and surface)
  • Spark erosion thin-wire cutting and bulging
  • Surface treatments: ballotini or shot blasting, electrolytic brightening, electro-galvanizing, chrome plating (hard and decorative), nickel coating, anodizing, black finish, powder enamelling, wet enamelling etc.
  • Heat processing: annealing, hardening, case hardening, nitriding, heat treatment etc.

We process a wide range of technical materials of various kinds and qualities within our production projects, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, cutting-tool steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys (duralumin), bronze, copper, brass or technical plastic (POM, PA, PETP, PEEK etc.).

Furthermore, we also provide construction work for our clients and the preparation of production and drawing documentation in 3D/2D and according to the client’s specifications (usually Solidworks/AutoCAD).

In addition to the production of individual components, we also offer and provide assemblies of functional sets of complete machinery or equipment, including the mechanical, electrical and electronic assembly performed in our clean assembly area.

Our production also includes a control centre equipped with the latest digital instrumentation where all our production is inspected.


markos production

In the spring of 2016 the company plans MARKOS Production Ltd. opening of a new production hall with an area of 1,200 square meters.

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